Toolbox Talk Month

October is National Toolbox Talk month!

This month is a great time to start getting in the routine of engaging in regular toolbox talks with your staff.

What are Toolbox Talks?

A toolbox talk is a meeting designed to discuss a specific job or workplace related topic.┬áThese meetings are held to refresh your workers’ minds for an upcoming event, job or workplace related issue. These talks should aim to refresh, motivate and prepare your team.

By holding a talk before a job or event, you are planting a seed of discussion among your employees and co-workers. The topic will be on their minds, increasing the likelihood of safety conversation and heightened awareness while on the job.

A safety culture can begin to grow if toolbox talks are held often. With safety discussions becoming a regular part of the workday, week or month, employees will start to live by that safety culture being built.


Jump start your safety program with these free downloadable resources:

Onsite Safety Toolbox Topics