Here at Onsite Safety, we love our Team Members. And there is no better way to show our appreciation than participating in the 2018 annual Administrative Professionals Day.

In honor of all the hard work and dedication our support staff gives Onsite on a daily basis, we decided to give back with a week full of fun events designed to give our Team Members a break from the hustle and bustle of their weekly duties.

On Tuesday, we surprised the Home Office staff by renting a large bus and took everyone on an impromptu trip to the Altamonte mall to engage in a shopping spree treat. We wanted our Team Members to focus on themselves and hopefully purchase something just for them. Since so many people in our team live selfless lives everyday, we figured it was a great opportunity for them to simply focus on themselves without any worry. Any money that was left over from the trip was donated to World Help, an organization focused on the mission of helping communities in developing nations become self-sufficient and thriving.

Onsite Safety Altamonte Mall Trip

We also had a multitude of fun events throughout the week, including catered healthy breakfast options and a company lunch to showcase our new expanded break room in our Home Office.

Friday was the sweetest day of all, as we surprised our staff with a visit from the FreeBee ice cream truck. The office took a break to indulge in sweet treats, a perfect compliment to the beginning of summer.

We love our administrative Team Members and we couldn’t continue to save lives without them. Thank you Onsite Safety Team Members!

Onsite Safety Ice Cream Day

Onsite Safety Johnathan Parkerson Ice Cream

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