National Safety Stand-Down week has come to an end, now what? Even after the week and safety events have ended, safety awareness should go on. Everyone should celebrate participation in OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down and keep safety awareness going.

What to do after Safety Stand-Down week:

Download your certificate of participation

After hosting a safety stand-down event,  download your certificate of participation. After each year of participation, employers can progress to higher certification levels. Stand-Down certificates are a great way to show your dedication to fall prevention. OSHA provides an online submission form for a printable PDF certificate of participation, perfect to proudly display in your workplace.  Click here to generate your own Safety Stand-Down certificate. 

Tell OSHA about your stand-down

Employers who took time out of their work week for a stand-down event have the opportunity to contribute to the stand-down mission. Employers can provide feedback to OSHA about their experience. While all safety stand-down events are focused around the same thing, each company’s experience is different. OSHA wants to hear from you. Once safety week is over, any feedback or stories are welcomed.

Identify and share what you’ve learned

Take what this safety week taught you and share it with others! Maybe you learned you need updated training. Maybe you learned that you didn’t prepare enough for stand-down week. You could have found that your programs are successful. Whatever you take away from your stand-down experience, share with others. Others may need guidance for next year or encouragement to even participate. Your story could help!

Keep safety going

Just because safety week is over doesn’t mean the safety stops! Safety week should be a boost to maintain the safety spirit in all instances. Take what you learned from your safety stand-down and apply it. Evaluate your event’s results. If there’s a need for updated rescue plans or fall prevention programs, see how you can help the process. Remember that fall prevention is important every day.

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