Hard Hat Options

Hard hats are essential to the protection of workers, preventing serious head injury, trauma and death. There are various types and classes of hard hats. Different hard hats are suited for different categories of work and work environments. Because there are different hard hats to choose from, the employer or employee has options. It is […]

These Are The Most Common Injuries At Work (And The Most Expensive, Too)

In a perfect world, nothing would go wrong on the jobsite. Some people might argue that in an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to work anyway. Unfortunately, as much as we try to obtain to perfection in all areas of our life, the reality is that sooner or later, something is going to go wrong […]

How to Improve Employee Morale

Nothing is more important to your company than the morale of your employees. After all, your employees are the front-line of your company and are what the world sees when they interact with your business. A well-trained and happy group of employees is not only productive but enhances the image of your business. So how […]

Benefits of Hiring a Fall Protection Consultant

fall protection roof anchor points

“An employee fell to his death today when…” is an all too common 5’oclock news story. In 2012 there were 219,630 “potentially” fatal injuries and 704 fatalities involving falls, slips, and trips. But with proper protection, many of these injuries and deaths could be avoided. Get the Facts on Construction Fall Prevention These injuries and […]

Four Mindsets That Cause Accidents

Job site safety is an ever-present issue that is a constant threat in any environment and in any walk of life. The greatest way to prevent accidents is to train people how to reduce the risk to zero or how to put controls in place that will limit the possibility of an accident. Workplace mishaps […]