What is a “Safety Stand-Down?”

In the construction industry, a Safety Stand-Down is an event where normal work is put on hold while the site focuses on a safety issue. This is because the workers “stand-down” for about an hour to review important safety topics, and also give their feedback about current safety procedures.

The largest and most well-known of these “Stand Downs” is the National Safety Stand-Down, presented by OSHA, that usually occurs in the beginning half of May. Job sites nationwide will pause what they are doing during this time to focus on safety issues and make sure that every employee or worker has the knowledge to keep themselves safe.

During this May event, the focus is on fall protection and how workers can protect themselves from falls.

Falls are still the #1 cause of death on job sites – and have been for quite some time. In fact, the numbers show no signs of subsiding. In 2016, 84 out of 991 total deaths in construction were from falls.  Many construction workers are not aware of these alarming statistics.  That is why Safety Stand-Downs are so important.

The sad thing is that injuries from falls are 100% preventable. By wearing correct fall protection equipment, practicing simple safety tips, and continuing to be diligent on job sites, it’s possible to reduce that number to 0.

Onsite Safety Roof Anchor Point Fall Protection

If your organization is concerned about falls, practice these simple steps:

  • Use Fall Protection any time you are over 6’
  • Avoid complacency on ladders. 6’ to 10’ range has the most injuries and fatalities.
  • Tie off on a sloped roof at any height.
  • Tying off improperly can cause a false sense of safety. Use the right connecting device for the proper task or job.

Onsite Safety specializes in fall protection for the job site. If your business needs assistance exceeding OSHA regulations and reducing your worker injuries, contact us today.

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