Workplace accidents, incidents, and injuries almost always relate back to one common root cause: lack of proper safety training. Proper safety training doesn’t just help you and your business remain compliant. Safety training helps employees gain an understanding of how to identify hazards and address them before any incidents occur. Hazards can be found in any and all workplace environments. The better prepared and trained an employee is in recognizing hazards, the more likely they will remain safe at work; being able to be more productive in a safe environment.

There’s a bigger risk.

When thinking about safety training, it’s not just about the cost of the actual training or the time it takes to administer it. A workplace injury reduces your employee headcount, which increases the workload on other employees, leading to riskier behaviors. A workplace is more likely to carry a more expensive worker’s compensation insurance policy if they have more injuries. Injured workers also lead to safety citations from OSHA when they conduct on-site inspections. These indirect costs can quickly become significant when a lack of safety training exists.

You have to keep up.

Safety training can be a stressful subject because you may not be certain you’re offering the correct training to your employees. Not to mention the number of hours and cost it takes to develop in-house safety training. Lastly, you must consider the compliance of the trainings; and staying up to date with the ever-changing OSHA standards.

Let us help you out!

Fear not, if you don’t have a safety department that does all of this for you, Onsite Safety can. Not only can we assess what trainings your employees are required to take, but we can also provide a customized training plan that keeps you in compliance. All while providing your employees the training they need to remain safe. Some of the trainings that Onsite Safety provides are: Fall Protection courses, First Aid & CPR, Scaffolding, Inspections, Bloodborne Pathogens, Toolbox Talks, and OSHA courses.

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