Do you need a scaffold install in Orlando, Florida? Look no further than the experts at Onsite Safety. For over 20 years, Onsite Safety has been creating safety solutions on job sites all across Florida and the Southeast, including set-up and tear down of scaffolds. We are Orlando’s scaffold experts!

We specialize in:

  • Frame Scaffolds
  • Pump Scaffolds
  • System (Modular) Scaffolds

We can set up scaffolds on any job site, both residential and commercial. Our full-service scaffolding includes design, erection, and dismantling.. Our safety experts have the experience and know-how to create custom scaffold solutions to best meet the needs of your specific job site.

Our scaffold services in Orlando, Florida and surrounding areas are perfect for:

  • Commercial construction, including drywall, electrical, exterior, painting, renovations and more
  • Residential construction, including single-story homes and multi-family units
  • Other industrial uses

Types of scaffolds:

frame scaffoldFrame 

Possibly  the most common type of scaffold on a residential job site, this type of modular scaffolding consists of frames, braces, planks, and bases. Frame scaffolding is extremely light and can be erected very quickly. Although not as robust as system scaffolding, it is ideal for fast assembly and easy removal.

pump scaffoldPump

Pump jack scaffolds are a specialty-designed scaffold consisting of a platform supported by adjustable brackets on vertical poles. The brackets are designed to be raised and lowered similar to an automobile jack. Pump jacks are appealing for certain situations because they are easily adjusted to variable heights, and are relatively inexpensive.

system modular scaffold
 System (Modular) 

A system or modular scaffolding consists of vertical and horizontal pre-engineered components that connect together in a systematic fashion. Modular scaffolding is most convenient to use when facade form of the building is very complicated and/or it is difficult to erect standard facade scaffolding. In these cases modular scaffolding is better alternative as they can be adjusted to each shape. A modular scaffold can be erected in places other scaffolds are just not feasible.