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Nobody wants to receive that dreaded phone call about an accident that happened on the jobsite. These unplanned events can bring the financial ruin to your company and can destroy employee morale in an instant.

Unfortunately, accidents are an unavoidable cost of doing business, but the damage can still be mitigated with timely reaction and proper employee response. An incident investigation is one the essential steps that needs to be accomplished to ensure proper handling of an accident.

Your employee’s safety is of primary importance and a fast response from management displays a commitment to safety that will give your workers peace of mind. Incident investigations also ensure that the same accident never happens twice.

Millions of Americans suffer workplace injuries each year. Your company doesn’t need to be part of this statistic. By collecting the right data, asking the right questions and taking the necessary precautions, it’s possible to greatly reduce your company’s exposure to more accidents.

The purpose of conducting an incident investigation is to determine root causes, implement corrective actions and prevent re-occurrence

Incident Investigator’s Kit

Warning tape
Photo marking cones
Magnifying glass
High visibility tape
First aid kit
Latex gloves
Investigation forms
Infrared thermometer
Lux meter
PH test strips
AC voltage detector
Metric nut and bolt guage
Sampling containers
Identification tags
Charged batteries
Video recorder
Measuring devices
Leveling rod
Writing pad
Pens, pencils
Graph paper
Straight edge ruler
Carpenters ruler
Paint stick
Digital anemometer
Sound level meter
Laser distance meter

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