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What is PPE?

PPE - Types of PPE List
PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. That can refer hard hats, gloves, safety goggles, protective clothing, earplugs, or any other piece of equipment that protects workers' bodies from injury. Companies should always provide PPE for their employees to protect them from job site hazards. It should be given free of charge, it should be fully [...]

PPE: The Last Resort

Personal protective equipment is used in the workplace to protect employees from hazards. For example, construction workers should wear necessary hard hats, eyewear, footwear and gloves on the worksite. According to the hierarchy of hazard control, although PPE is one of the most common forms of hazard control and found on most worksites, it is [...]

Hard Hat Options

Hard hats are essential to the protection of workers, preventing serious head injury, trauma and death. There are various types and classes of hard hats. Different hard hats are suited for different categories of work and work environments. Because there are different hard hats to choose from, the employer or employee has options. It is […]