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How To Spot A Bad Safety Culture

How To Spot A Bad Safety Culture

Is a bad safety culture bringing your organization down and leading to increased accidents? Here’s how to tell if your company has a bad safety culture, and what you can do to fix it. Here are 7 indicators that your organizations safety culture is dysfunctional: 1. Safety doesn’t start at the top.  People emulate what […]

Top 10 Ways To Build A Great Safety Culture

Top 10 Ways To Build Safety Culture In Your Company
Do you want your organization to experience lower absenteeism, a happier workforce, and lower staff turnover? The first step to reaching these goals is to develop a thriving safety culture in your company that makes your employees feel safe and valued. But what if you already have a safety plan? Here's how to reinforce your [...]

Frequent Toolbox Talks Can Help Build A Safety Culture

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Toolbox talks are a great way to get together with your team and discuss safety. A toolbox talk is a meeting designed to discuss a specific job or workplace related topic. These meetings are held to refresh minds for an upcoming event, job or workplace related issue. These talks should aim to refresh, motivate and […]