Stop Work Authority

Stop Work Authority Onsite Safety

The OSHA general duty clause, Section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, requires that each employer furnish to each of its employees a workplace that is free from recognized hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm. Keep your workplace safe by creating a Stop Work Authority (SWA) […]

Hurricane Safety Procedures: How To Keep Workers Safe

hurricane safety

The effects of a hurricane can be deadly and damaging, therefore the more proactive you are, the less down time you will face as a company. When it comes to hurricane safety, preparedness is everything. A good way to incorporate a natural disaster preparedness discussion may be through a toolbox talk. Use this to discuss […]

How To Spot A Bad Safety Culture

How To Spot A Bad Safety Culture

Is a bad safety culture bringing your organization down and leading to increased accidents? Here’s how to tell if your company has a bad safety culture, and what you can do to fix it. Here are 7 indicators that your organizations safety culture is dysfunctional: 1. Safety doesn’t start at the top.  People emulate what […]

Top 10 Ways To Build A Great Safety Culture

Top 10 Ways To Build Safety Culture In Your Company
Do you want your organization to experience lower absenteeism, a happier workforce, and lower staff turnover? The first step to reaching these goals is to develop a thriving safety culture in your company that makes your employees feel safe and valued. But what if you already have a safety plan? Here's how to reinforce your [...]

2 Workers Die In 6-Story Fall At Hotel Project Near Disney

2 workers die in 6-story fall in hotel project near Disney

Two construction workers died early Wednesday morning when they fell over 6 stories to the ground after the scaffold they were working on collapsed. The workers were working on a new 516-room hotel construction project near Disney World by the Bonnet Creek Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The accident was outside Disney properties. According […]

Central Florida Company Is Fined By OSHA After Employee Is Crushed To Death By Paver

OSHA Paving Machine Death Safety Fine

This week, OSHA fined a Florida paving company $16,814, including the maximum penalty under the law, for failing to provide “a place of employment free from recognized hazards.” That’s because back in May of this year, a 72-year-old employee of the paving company was run over by the paving machine he was operating on a […]

OSHA Top 10 Most-Cited Violations for 2017: A Change In Rankings

osha rankings 2017 onsite safety

Each year OSHA publishes a list of the most-cited violations. This OSHA top 10 aims to bring awareness to the commonly violated standards on worksites and the hazards these violations can cause. It’s also a warning to your workplace; if you’re violating these standards, you’re likely to get caught. It’s good practice to reference this […]

What Is The Factor Of Safety?

factor of safety

A factor of safety is the load carrying capacity of a system beyond what the system actually supports. Bridges, buildings, safety equipment and fall protection all start with a factor of safety. Simply put, the safety factor is how much stronger a system is than required. The factor of safety is the backbone of all […]

Rolling Scaffold Safety Standards and Tips

rolling scaffold

A rolling scaffold is a type of supported scaffold set on wheels. Rolling scaffold’s design allows for easy movement, creating a more efficient workplace. Workers who frequently change their position use rolling scaffolds regularly. Safety standards for rolling scaffolds are necessary to understand and differentiate from other scaffold standards because of their mobility. As with any […]