The number one cause of fatalities on construction sites are falls- OSHA reports that in 2013 approximately 37% of deaths on construction sites were due to falls. In combination with other safety hazards, safety prevention could save the lives of 468 workers per year. Onsite safety can help you make you work site safe, productive and profitable with our temporary guardrail system.

In 2014, OSHA conducted 47,217 State Plan Inspections. Our steel constructed railings are built to withstand the toughest work conditions and will protect your employees and contractors from dangerous falls.

In compliance with OSHA clause (1926.501), it is the employer’s responsibility and duty to provide fall protection for their employees. Bare minimum protection equals maximum risk for you.

With our Rapid Rail system, you will not only meet but exceed OSHA’s fall protection system criteria (1926.502) While creating the safest working environment possible. Eliminating fall hazards always results in productive and profitable work sites.

Safety Levels of Popular Guardrail Options

Wood Guardrails
Steel Guardrails

Don’t wait until OSHA calls! With Onsite Safety’s Rapid Rail System, work site safety is effortless.

The Rapid Rail System

Rapid Rail System Provides:

  • Steel construction and free standing
  • 42″ and 60″ fall protection
  • Toe boards
  • Quick disconnect
  • Flexible

Rental Benefits:

  • Nothing for you to buy or stock

  • Customized rental solutions

  • DIY installations with rental

Rental Services:

  • Installation and removal within 48 hours

  • Equipment inspection

  • Fall protection plan evaluation

  • Pre-bid consultation

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